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The Hop and Huffkin provides a contemporary, casual and relaxed dining and bar experience serving great Kentish food from an original menu. Our bar is stocked with local ales, beer and ciders, fruit juices and water from Kent, plus a selection of fantastic Kentish wines, gin that is distilled in Kent plus a range of flavoured spirits, made locally.

We are passionate about supporting local so all staff are hired locally and all food and drink where possible is sourced from within Kent.

Pints of the week


Tonbridge Brewery

A deep bronze coloured, rich tasting "Country Ale" hopped with scarce Kent grown Epic variety giving a delicious spicy taste and aroma. A few "Fuggles" hops from the Alsace region round off the flavour rather nicely. A perfect accompaniment to a Pub Lunch of dinner.



Spiced Cider

Dudda's Tun Cider

This classic aromatic blend of medium/sweet cider and seasonal spices, including cinnamon and cloves is great served as a winter warmer or chilled over ice. A great cider for all seasons, but especially tasty as a festive treat.


Served Warm with a slice of apple